Berard AIT International Society Conference – 2011 Presentations

The Berard AIT International Society Conference: New Developments, New Horizons, was held in October 2011 at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas. We are posting some of the presentation material for practitioners to view. Please keep in mind that the slides provided are outlines and the speakers filled in with more detail than is available through just the slides. However, there is considerable data and valuable information presented here. Speakers have provided their email addresses and will respond to questions.

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1. Monitoring progress and data collection. Using an Excel file to manage client data and pre/post test scores. You may request a disk with the Excel file framework set up. Specific information will be provided regarding how to organize the process and use the data-base for easy management and use of the information gathered. By implementing some standard procedures, we can collect significant information. Presenters: Sally Brockett, MS, and Walt Brockett, (Connecticut)

2. Using Berard AIT in conjunction with other modalities. Is there a synergistic effect? Learn how some practitioners use Berard AIT before or after other interventions and the results they obtain. Presenters: Pauline Allen, Principal, The Sound Learning Centre, (England) – Primitive Reflex Inhibition

3. Ear Health Conditions: Understanding Conditions that may Interfere with AIT Results. This discussion will include an overview of the audiometric configurations, middle ear test results, ear anatomical anomalies, and ear medical conditions that would be red flags to the AIT practitioner. Understanding when not to administer AIT or when to refer to a medical practitioner will help the AIT practitioner make more informed decisions with their clients. Presenter: Dorinne Davis, MA, CCC-A, (New Jersey)

4. Data-based evidence of change following Berard AIT. Sensory, vision, academics, auditory processing. Learn more about skills and abilities that may show response to AIT and how this is documented. Presenters: Margaret Clark, MD, (Canada)

5. Music to Their Ears: Understanding music selection, problems with MP3 music, and stimulation to trigger neural plasticity. Setting music volume – is it too much or too little? How do I manage the extremely sensitive client? Presenter: Sally Brockett, MS, (Connecticut)

6. How Are Sensory Processing Skills Stimulated with AIT? While the ear is the hearing mechanism of the body, through the vibrational energy of sound, many sensory skills are stimulated by an improvement in how the ear hears sound. This discussion will share how indirect sound stimulation of the cranial nerves passing through the ear will support balancing of sensory processing skills. Presenters: Dorinne Davis, MA, CCC-A, (New Jersey); Nancy Lawton-Shirley, OTR/L, (Wisconsin)

7. New Insights on the Impact of Berard AIT on Functional Visual Skills. Practitioners have seen that visual skills frequently improve following Berard AIT. This presentation will provide pre/post test results from the Keystone Telebinocular Screening that illustrate improvements in functional skills and the underlying reason for this will be explained. Presenters: Maria del Rayo Gonzalez, Psychologist, (Mexico); Guest Presenter: María Luisa Lozano Torres, Behavioral Optometrist, (Mexico)

8. Research: What is needed and how to avoid the pitfalls. Understanding the expectations of journal editors before you start planning a study will improve your chance of acceptance. Update on the AIT research being conducted at the Mind Research Network. Presenter: Sally Brockett, MS, (Connecticut)

9. Marketing and promoting AIT. Ideas on how to increase public awareness and expand your client base to new target populations. Presenter: May Kelly, BSN, (Illinois); Barbara Hartigan, MS, SLP, (France), Jennifer Trewyn, MS, (Wisconsin)


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